Continuing Education Program

Postgraduation Lato Sensu in Spine

The Continuing Education Program is an online postgraduation in spine aimed at orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.
The best way to boost your career
The 12-months program offers a solid and complete academic training focusing on the classical and current academic concepts in pathology and spinal surgery. It allows the student to learn and to reason correctly in the different situations of diagnosis, treatment and surgical techniques regarding problems related to the spinal column.

How you will learn

The learning pathway is dynamic and with a modular approach. The program is delivered on 12-months, comprising synchronous and asynchronous activities, alongside with complementary face-to-face activities, ending with a final online exam.
Asynchronous Activities
Online activities in a LMS (learning management system) to be accomplished by the participant at his/her own pace. The amount of time required is approximately 3-5 hours per week, including self-study time.

Distributed per module, according to the pathology or area. The participant´s task is to study all readings available and join a quiz per module.
Synchronous Activities
Live webinars with 1-hour duration design on a clinical case discussion basis.

Online Thematic Meetings (OTM)
The main task is to discuss a clinical case presented by an AO Spine expert.

Online Roundtables (ORT)
Here, the discussion is regarding the treatment of a previous clinical case sent to the participants. A tutor will moderate and join the discussion.

Online Working Tables (OWT)
Here, the participants must present a clinical case to a group with a Tutor and other participants of the Program.
Complementary Activities
• Attend 1 AO Spine course or seminar.

This face-to-face activity* is accounted for at the end of the Program.
*Activities developed 5 years prior to registration are accepted.
Final Exam
By the end of the program, upon all the activities completion, the student must take a final exam (online). Only then, when approved, the participant will be able to receive the final certificate signed by AO Spine and Caxias do Sul University as a postgraduate course.

What you will learn

Get to know up-to-date content following the ultimate syllabus to advance your career.
The modular training structure offers participants the chance to gain breadth of competencies and depth of experience at the same time. The Moodle-based learning management system features state-of-the-art multimedia-based learning tools for efficient self-study.

*The content and quantity of materials is dynamic so it can vary with the running of time.
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Skills you will gain
  • Focus on important aspects of anatomy, physiology, approaches, and surgical techniques.
  • Update concepts of osseointegration and instrumentation.
  • Focus on the clinical aspects of the different pathologies.
  • Describe the different current diagnostic tools.
  • Specify the need to always consider differential diagnoses.
  • Analyze and highlight the natural evolution of the different ailments.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of treatment.
  • Update the possible results to be obtained with the treatments used.
  • Analyze potential complications related to treatments; consider how to avoid them and how to treat them.
  • Maintain current information related to innovations in basic sciences, diagnostics, and treatments.

Learn from the best and expand your network
The Continuing Education Program is driven, written, and taught by Latin America-renowned surgeons, tailored to surgeons’ needs. With their vast experience, our faculty members give mentoring support during the full program duration.
Program Director
Néstor Fiore
Asdrubal Falavigna
Claudio Fernandez
Eduardo Von Uhlendorff
Ernesto Bersusky
Javier Matta
Jeronimo Milano
Manuel Valencia
Néstor Fiore
Osvaldo Romano
Pablo Vela
Pedro Bazán
Robert Meves
Roberto Chapa
Roberto Postigo
William Teixeira
Alfredo Guiroy
Bruno Saciloto
Carlos Zanardi
Fernando Nin
Francisco Sanchez
Joana Guasque
José Dangond
Juan Pablo Guyot
Juan Pablo Cabrera
Olavo Letaif
Rodolfo Paez
Tulio Rangel


The Program has a duration of 12 months.
*Any deadline extensions must be submitted to the project manager in charge.

About the certificate

The Program is offered in collaboration with Caxias do Sul University.

The University validates the program as a postgraduate* Lato Sensu course in Spine with a 360h-workload distributed in 12 months.

*Please check your country-specific requirements to validate a university degree certificate.


Young surgeons, fellows or residents in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics or Spine.

Enrolment Requirements

  • Be subscribed to the AO Spine membership.


50% up to 30 days before the event. After this date, there will be no refund for cancellation of participation.
AO Spine Contact
For further information, please contact: [email protected]